ClickDate is using conceptually new approach in matching people to help them find the love of their life by  Identifying user preferences based on the analyzes of his/her behavior. This is modern approach to psychology called behaviorism.

By Nature of our model actually we are not just a dating website, and also we are not matchmaking based on the 100+ questions and matching psychological model of persons, we take more natural, real live approach, which is based on your daily live experience, your eye first contact, your passion and your behavior. We are using every minute of your experience spent on our site to suggest better partners. And we do, unlike the other matchmaking sites where you should wait a day to get a few more new matches, our system are able to generate new and better match right in time you are using it.

In order to understand who is the best partner for you and besides who most likely love to go out with you, we analyze and make a statistical patterns of the thousands of data points,