There is a simple, yet powerful answer to this question 
  • make your profile looks nice
  • be very active!
Whereas the answer is straightforward, you should know following important rules:

Make your profile looks nice
  • it's very important to have at least 5-6 attractive photos, every new attractive photo increasing your  popularity few times, contrary by uploading not attractive, repulsive, disagreeable or dull photos you are decreasing your chances to get in to contact by potential partners by 10th times. So please choose your photos carefully and legibly

  • Choose the most attractive photos of you to set as a Cover and Profile photos. That is the first  glance photos partners see and by them make decision to continue communication  
  • Fill your profile description(click to your profile image on the right top right corner, then My Profile) showing your personality truly. Fill in your interests and hobbies
Be Active 
  • Try to spend at least 5-10 minutes daily to checkout newly generated matches and do not pass by anybody you potentially like. Never bypass any person you liked, always act, like partner profiles and picture add then to your favorite. 
  • Try to always write an attractive message to you partner, show you are interested in, or use quick ice breaking messages, but try to edit it before sending 
  • Play "Whom I like" game.  Remember that there you see those partners who  see you in their match lists